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Detail & Assembly Workshop (1995 - 2007)

1995 - This is the project that launched Ultimate Garage as a business.


2001 - The cabinets and equipment are sold off and the shop is completely disassembled.


2006/2007 - After the makeover. Still some final details to tend to.


A Walk Around the Shop

Front Wall View - Black & White subway tile by Porcelanosa. Air supply via Kaeser SX6 rotary screw compressor.


Rear view at Garage Door Entrance - Garage door neatly disappears above the ceiling tile. Workbench by Lista.


Left side view - floor tile by Porcelanosa. Motorized skylight from Velux. Cabinets by Lista.


Right side view - Granite facia and countertops. This is the business side of the shop with a nice assortment of Facom hand tools.


Canopies above the workstation suspended from the ceiling with modified driveshaft assemblies. Faux finished oil painted ceiling resists stains.


Same picture as above......with a few additions.


996 Cup Car in its new home.


Dennis Mukai created these one of a kind high resolution (1400-1800dpi) giclée prints representing some of the past and current cars that have resided in this garage.


Large assortment of Facom tools fill the left side of the workstation.



Custom detail cabinet for shop vac with accessories and an adequate selection of chemicals and cleaners.



Targetti MR16 task lighting with 4300k bulbs above the countertops.


More MR16 halogen lighting


Par 30 halogen 4-lamp assemblies


One of 3 T5HO fixtures in the room.....these do a great job of providing "even" fill lighting, eliminating shadows caused by the halogen task lights.


Color temperature comparison - MR16 halogens vs T5 fluorescent.


First surface mount T5/HO fixtures suitable for lower ceiling height applications.


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