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Attix 19AE Floodsucker vacuum - lightly used demo model (photograph above used in the Alto product brochure). 1000w vacuum with a discharge pump mounted in the canister for automatic water evacuation. Will also function as a normal vacuum without running the pump. This model will pickup 1 gallon per second of water and discharge it up to 23' vertically (dynamic discharge head) or 300' horizontally. Great for fire departments or flood/fire restoration contractors. Homeowners can use these to empty and clean their pond or swimming pool. This unit comes with a 1 1/2" x 13' oil resistant hose, curved wand and extension tubes, and a 16" wide commercial squeegee.......$1995.00.



Honda HRX217HXA Self Propelled Mower - purchased at the end of the season in 2011 and had fuel problems beginning in 2012 (hunting idle). Hired a landscaper for the season and never used the mower. Paid $700 + tax at the local Home Depot and there's still 3 years left on the Honda warranty. Selling the mower as is...used approx 5 times.....$395.00 (pickup in NJ).


Honda HS80 2-stage snowblower with treads & optional electric start. 8hp with 24" clearance width. Works great except one of the belts is starting to slip under load....belt replacement reflected in price reduction) . I won't be needing this when we permanently move to Charlotte. Retail today is in excess of $2000.......$650.00.

Echo PE-2400 Edger...purchased new but I haven't used it for at least 10 years. Great shape.....$100.00 (pickup only)


Craftsman 50,000 btu Kerosene heater. Purchased new. Probably made by Master for Sears. Heater is at least 15 years old and was last used back in 2011. Did not fire up this year and I suspect the fuel went bad.........$30.00 (as is)



Porta-Nailer 401 Hardwood Flooring nailer with 1000 nails - New (never used)...still in original box.....$225.00


Bostitch Roofing Nails - Box of 7200 (new) - $50.00



Assorted 316 Stainless Steel Nails & Screws - from Swan Secure Products (Baltimore, MD) - purchased for a siding & deck project at the Jersey shore and never used. Approx 30-35lbs of each.

  • 2" Wood Siding Ring Shank Nails (#6) - $7.95/lb
  • 2 1/2" Wood Siding Ring Shank Nails (#8) - $7.95/lb
  • 3" Smooth Shank Common Nails - $7.00/lb
  • 2 1/2" Square Drive Screws (#10x2 1/2) - $.20 each

These are 316 Stainless, not 304. These are recommended for projects where salt air exposure could be a problem. They are made in USA, not China.



1608DW Router as shown above - $40.00



Panasonic EY6432 GQKW Cordless Drill (15.6v) - kit as shown above. Great drill.......$75.00




Testo Digital Refrigeration analyzers with Yellow Jacket Hose Sets - the 550-2 is new (never used) and the 557 was used once on a 410 system. Pricing...550-2 with hoses....$395.00, 557 (0563 5572) with hoses is $499.00


Weller TC202 60w Soldering Iron - Used for one project many years ago and put away in storage. There's also a small sponge for the tip that I found after taking the photos. Still works great.....$75.00


Hawking Home Remote Wireless Home Automation Gateway (website details) - still new in the original boxes. Cost approx $400-450. Sale priced at $150.00 for everything shown above.


Nightcore TM11 Flashlight - compact 2000 lumen flashlight. 3rd generation production. 1 available at close out pricing. See online store listing for additional photos. This can be ordered directly through the online store with $10 flat rate shipping (US only)....$150.00.


Kingsley-Bate Teak Cleaner & Conditioner - 2 step process to maintain the golden color of your teak furniture.......$49.00 for the 2 bottle kit (as shown). Retail price is $80.00.

Kitchler Undercounter Halogen Lamps (K-12212-WH) - line voltage fixtures (no external transformer) including bulbs and 4 spare new bulbs in boxes. Dual intensity (low/off/high). 12" in length and approx 1" thick. Excellent light and easy to install (no issues...unlike the new LED units I bought that replaced these). These were in use for 3 years....purchased for approx $75ea. Lot of 4.........$100.00



Acoustiblok Sound Insulation (4.5' x 30' roll....135 sq ft) - left over from a garage project a few years ago. 30db attenuation claim. Very heavy (approx 135 lbs per roll). See mfg site for details and videos. 2 rolls available. For pickup only at my place in Northern NJ..........$350.00/roll


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