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Shop Equipment


Werther 230i 2-post lift. Great for use in garages with low ceiling height. Lift height set to approx 72". Made in Italy (Werther is used at the Ferrari factory). Still functional..lift can be demonstrated before purchase. Local disassembly and pickup only.........$1,995.00.



Wap pressure washer (2000psi)....made in Germany. 220v/15a (1ph). Works great. Retail new was $2400.00. Sale priced at $500.00. Pickup only as the unit has an oil reservoir and would have to be drained to ship.


Lista Cabinet Workstation - includes 6 drawer tool/utility cabinet and a 2 drawer trash cabinet....56" wide x 39.5" tall x 28.5" deep. As new condition....$1,995.00 (pickup only).

Trash cabinet includes the 2 Rubbermaid containers.....these can also be used for wet or dirty detailing rags and towels.


Top drawer used for gloves, keys, phone and other personal items along with safety gear (eye & ear protection) and other frequently used tools and kits.


Cemb C75 Tire Balancer (never used) and accessories (retail new - $9985.00)......$4,750.00 (pickup only in Northern NJ)

Features include.......

  • 15" color monitor (CRT)
  • Fully automatic cycle
  • Self diagnostics and self calibration
  • Alloy wheel function with USER FRIENDLY split and hidden weight program
  • DIRECT WEIGHT placement program
  • Automatic input of distance, diameter & width SONAR (Cemb Patent) (3D)
  • Automatic optimization alert, two operator function
  • Manual brake pedal for placement of weights.
  • Accurate to one gram
  • QUICK RELEASE wing nut and 42" wheel guard are standard.


  • Standard power supply: 115-230 volt single phase 50/60 Hz
  • Max absorbed power: 1100 watts
  • Packing dimensions: 152x105x183 h cm
  • Rim diameter: 10” 30” or 265 765 mm
  • Max. wheel weight: 75 Kg
  • Balancing speed: 180 rpm
  • Gross weight: C75 (with cone adapter, pliers and wheel guard) 161 Kg
  • Balancing accuracy: 0.5 grams
  • Rim width: 1,5” 20” or 40 510 mm
  • Max. outside wheel diameter: 1300 mm (1060 mm with lowered wheel guard)
  • Cycle time: 6 seconds
  • Gross weight C75 SE (with cone adapter, pliers and wheel guard): 176 Kg
  • Spindle shaft: 40 mm


Cemb K10 Tire Balancer (never used) and accessories (retail new - $3495.00)......$2,195.00 (pickup only in Northern NJ)

CEMB heavy duty wheel balancer for medium to large size car automotive garages, car dealers ships and tire shops. K10 comes fully assembled.

  • Universal space saving wheel balancer with excellent technical specifications combining a sturdy structure with attractive and modern design
  • K10 balances steel & light alloy wheels of cars & light trucks
  • Self-Diagnosis and Self-Calibration
  • Optimization program for compensation of rim and tire unbalance
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Standard Quick Nut Mounting
  • 6-Compartment Weight Tray
  • Unique ABS Base


Accuturn 8944 Brake Lathe with Lista 5-drawer cabinet....best lathe I've ever owned. Originally purchased with the stand as shown on the left which I found very difficult to move around the shop because of the 400+ lb weight of the lathe. This was replaced with an SC Lista cabinet with a pallet jack base. The cabinet easily holds all of the lathe accessories shown on the steel pegboard plus a lot more. Current retail on the lathe alone is $9000. Lathe and cabinet combination for sale at $3,995.00 (pickup only in NJ).


Craftsman Deluxe Oxygen/Acetylene Welding & Cutting Outfit...purchased approx 20 years ago through Sears (made in USA). The 2013 version sells for $339.00. Sale priced at $125.00

Associated 20 Amp Battery Charger...current model is $300+. Sale priced at $50.00. "As-is" (has not been used for several years)


Wielander & Schill body shop tools......PS1 air saw (light use...made by Sig in Switzerland....$500.00), WS90 Vario Drill with extra bits & optional jumbo clamp - sold and AP95 Air Puller (Never used, great for hail damage. Includes US market transformer...$1,195.00...see video).


Mercedes 124-589-01-31-00 no mar Quick Clamps for wheel alignment (purchased from Beissbarth). Brand new in factory boxes. Mercedes Clamps are $2495/set of 4.


Shop Exhaust Fan assembly with Baldor 1hp motor - New........$350.00


Central Tools (HD Fluorescent drop lights) - the tail end of my inventory. Great product...these were all made in USA....

  • 11001...Heavy Hitter 15w with 25' cord...sold
  • 11012...Angle Light 13w with 1' cord.....$30.00 (use with extension cord)
  • 12001...Featherlight 15w with 25' cord...sold
  • 12006...Bounce Light 13w with 25' cord...sold
  • 13020...Underdash Light 4w with 10' cord (12volt)...$25.00
  • 13023...Barrel light 13w with 15' cord (12 volt)...$30.00
  • 40001...13w Convertible Fluorescent Tube Light (screw base)...$25.00
  • 40007...13w Compact light with Plug Base (use with extension cord)...$25.00

$100.00 for 5 lamps left in stock.


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